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The Thai-Burma Railway

The true story of the Bridge on the river Kwai

Item 2 costs $15 Item 2b costs $20


The Death Railway

A brief history of the Thailand-Burma Railway



A 1.5m map of the Thai-Burma Railway


The Burma Railway

Together with the novel "Blue Haze" by Lesley Hall, this book by Dutch P.O.W. Otto Kreeft, are the only 2 known books to give readers an insight into the trials and tribulations faced by the members of 'A' Force.

The brilliantly coloured accurate drawings in this book, give a graphic picture of the life and conditions under which these men were forced to live, suffer and die.











Folds out to 1.5 metre

Rod Beattie
(railway researcher)

Co Ltd




The Thai-Burma Railway


Soft cover A4 (Red)

Rod Beattie
(railway researcher)

Co Ltd




The Death Railway

Soft cover A5 (Green)

Rod Beattie
(railway researcher)

Co Ltd




Burma Railway

Hard Cover A4 (Landscape)
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Otto Kreefft
(former Dutch PoW)

Co Ltd




History Pack

Full set (1,2,3,4) 3 books & map

Special Value Pack;
$15 discount

Co Ltd






The Battalion Story: Written & Compiled by Lt. Col. Ron Magarry; M.C.

The Battalion Story deals with events leading up to the War in Malaya and Singapore, briefly giving information not previously available to the general public.

It will be a surprise to many, particularly the younger generations, to learn the extent of the conflicts and battles fought between the Allies and Japanese Forces, prior to the Fall of Singapore. ; Also the content of the book explains the popular misconception that the Malayan Campaign achieved little or nothing in stopping the Japanese from invading Australia.

The story deals with a brief but important part of our history, by covering the main activities of a Queensland Unit and the experiences of the fourteen hundred men who served in the 2/26th Infantry Battalion and the part they played in the making of that history. 

It covers the training days in Australia and overseas, their achievements during the Campaign and their loyalty, suffering and sacrifices as Prisoners of the Japanese. An overall readable experience, which I believe, will clarify many "grey areas" and fill many gaps.

318 page soft cover book. This publication is available through either War Books Australia or The Australian War Memorial Book Shop

A Mug From The Bush by Nev Anning

If you enjoy autobiographies or a good Aussie "yarn" you will enjoy the life story of Nev. From his birth in 1916 until 2001, when the book was published. Nev has lead a very diverse life style from splitting posts-and-rails. to cane cutting,;to owning and running a diversity of business including poultry abattoir, piggery to breeding and showing Paint horses.

;Nev enlisted as a member of the 2/26 Battalion, but later in Singapore transferred to the Defence Platoon - 27th Brigade Head Quarters. Although his Army life was important, it is covered in proportion to the rest of his life in the book.

Nev is a typical "Bushie" and I am sure you will enjoy many chuckles whilst reading this book. Also included are several tributes and pages of POW poems.

300 page soft cover book 

THE BOY FROM BOWEN - Diary of a Sandakan POW

This historic Queensland book is the personal life story of Lt. Leslie Bunn Glover, who came into the world during the Depression years in North Queensland. 

He endured a painfully, unhappy childhood until he reached the age of 16, when he joined Army Cadets, then the Army Militia, where he graduated as a Lieutenant prior to his deployment overseas to Singapore , as a member of the 2/26 Infantry Battalion.

Taken prisoner of War at age 20, he was sent by the Imperial Japanese Army to Sandakan and Kuching death camps for nearly 4 years.

Join him in his journey of survival and success and you will soon realise that this is a must read for anyone who has ever heard of Sandakan. 

Come live the charming, vitally honest history of Leslie Bunn Glover.

Books A$29.99 + postage within Australia A$7.99 Total A$37.98 each 

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